General and special care dentistry for adults and children of all ages

Special Care Dentistry

Children and adults with complex additional needs should have equal access to good dental care. We take care to address each individual’s needs. Please do call our office if you have a special concern.

Dr. Leung’s background, beginning with her stint as a clinic director for United Cerebral Palsy in New York City, allows her to be comfortable with a broad spectrum of patients including the medically compromised. Her residency work at the Veterans Administration Hospital of Hampton, Virginia, gave her invaluable experience in evaluating and treating complex interdisciplinary cases. Before returning to the Tri-State Area, Dr. Leung practiced with Dr. John Chung in Newport News, Virginia, serving a large population with about 75% being children, and the rest adults of all ages.

People with special needs are a very diverse underserved group of children and adults; about one-fifth of the U.S. population has some type of disability. More than a third of our growing senior population has a severe disability. Those of us who are underserved are put at greater risk of oral diseases.

Most such patients could be treated by general dentists but, due to lack of experience or specialized skills, fewer dentists feel prepared to serve this group. In the 60’s and 70’s, more schools offered clinical courses in special care; today, only a few do so